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Surgical Instrument Laser Marking Easy And Permanent Tracking.

Today’s healthcare schedules demand quick turn around and slick teamwork is essential. With Nutrace instrument laser marking we will deliver the best instrument laser marks in the world. NuTrace surgical instrument laser marking, the best option for today's surgical suites and Sterile Production Departments.



Surgical instrument laser marking is the most commonly used technique by surgical instrument manufacturers around the globe. Here at NuTrace we follow the metallurgic industry protocols to easily laser mark surgical instruments and safely rebuild the passive layer for any stainless steel. So, no worries about rust, ever!
The laser process is touchless, extremely quick (600-800 instruments a day) and the marks will last for the lifespan of the instruments; so there are no worries about marks fading. This also eliminates the need to consider the risk of using stickers with a barcode which potentially become URFOs (Unintended Retained Foreign Objects).
Did we mention how inexpensive marking laser can be? Do you know we can laser mark pretty much any instrument (SST-TI-AL-Anodize Metal, Plastics and more). Do you want to do it in-house? Great! we will help you to implement the process inside your SPD with our NuTrace fiber laser.

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We decided to go with Nutrace. Not only because of the completeness of their laser system (NUX-20),the Lean process, the laser marking services as well the incredible affordability of their package.

John Martin


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