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Case Studies


New surgical instrument tracking process for Jessa Hospital

In 2012, Jessa Hospital (1.000 beds, 2 campuses, Virga Jesse and Salvator, 45,000 surgical interventions, 190.000 sets and 4.900.000 instruments a year) decided to build a new SPD at an external location.
Management of the SPD project was in the hands of Dr Frank Weekers, Medical Director, and Mr Jaak Damiaans, Head Pharmacist. Our main concern was the quality and control of the follow-up throughout the process.
For the fitting out of the SPD and the technical facilities, Jessa Hospital opted for the highest possible quality standards.
But even more important is complete Track & Tracing “From patient to patient” with tracing down to instrument level.
A number of priorities were set as criteria for selecting the software for the SPD of Jessa Hospital:
 Tracing at instrument level and engraving the data matrix on the instruments by laser
 Checking the safety of the sets after use with the patient by weighing
 Linking with the Jessa OR software
 Integration and checking of all equipment parameters (washing machines, sterilizers) in the database of the SPD software
 Managing the SPD as a production unit, taking into account the future use of the sets
 Managing the entire logistical process
 Guarantee of availability of the instrument sets for all planned interventions

The choice of SteMaTo®-Europe (NuTrace™-Stemato USA) was based on completeness, experience in an industrial setting, the flexibility to adapt to organizational developments. The open way of cooperating with external partners (OR software, laser and scales supplier, etc.) was undeniably a very important added value.
In addition, SteMaTo® guaranteed that all data from the SPD software used by the 2 campuses (T-Doc, Getinge and Steriline, Aexis Medical) would be fully recovered in the SteMaTo® database.
Finally, permanent support and follow-up for several years offered the best guarantee for a successful implementation.

Despite the stringent demands we made, SteMaTo® lived up to expectations.
Linking up with the various OR planning systems (each campus works with its own OR software) resulted in 1 SteMaTo® plan. Registration used during the intervention, and therefore a link to the right patient, needs assessment by user profile per intervention per surgeon (BOM) not only means prior and continuous monitoring by the OR managers of the availability of sets and instruments but forms the basis for a production-driven SPD. Multiple telephone calls with demand for the urgent treatment of sets were replaced by priorities that no longer disrupted the normal sterilization process.
The result is a more structured SPD process, leading to a significant increase in efficiency (+20%).

The engraving of the data matrix on the instruments was an entirely new practice for Jessa Hospital. By integrating all necessary instrument parameters in Stemato™ ( the represent type of material, a size of the data matrix, the unique code), it was possible to apply the data matrix to 60,000 instruments without the need for extra staff. The time taken to apply the data matrix is offset by the time saved when scanning the data matrix when compiling the set.
The combination of datamatrix and weighing the sets after use in the transfer point proved to be the best guarantee of good tracing. The safety of the patient combined with less loss (or temporary loss) of instrument represents a significant added value.
Finally, the organization of the SPD and related processes (OR, logistics) are always subject to change and improvement. An SPD software that aims to provide effective organizational support can therefore not be static and must provide the necessary adaptations at regular intervals to follow these developments. NuTrace™ endorses this philosophy in full and grows with the challenging targets of the SPD of Jessa Hospital.