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NuTrace R+ 2 dimensional Surgical instrument Datamatrix reader

NuTrace R+ NuTrace R+ the fastest 2D reader in the world

2D Healthcare Surgical Instrument Reader Real Speed

Originally designed for auto racing, the an R+ can read a 2D Data Matrix in less than half a second per instrument.

The R+ reader takes the speed and efficiency of the auto racing world, to the everyday use of instrument tracking. Regardless of instrument contrast, material or position, the R+ gives an unprecedented performance on difficult-to-read or even damaged codes. With the power of a 2MP camera and LED lighting, the R+ can read a Data Matrix as small as .010mm X .010mm (4mils).


  • Handle 2-D codes of the widest variety of surface type, perspective, low contrast and more
  • On-board decoding notification with beep and LED flash showing the user a successful read
  • Small footprint, rugged design and single USB power required
  • Data Export fully configurable to meet specific and ever changing communication needs including Keyboard Wedge emulator and virtual COM

Full specifications-
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NuTrace R+ in Action


NuTrace R+ Surgical Instrument 2D Datamatrix Reader GS1

The NuTrace R+ 2D barcode datamatrix is the most flexible, affordable and faster 2D Datamatrix barcode reader designed for the sterile processing department. Read barcodes datamatrix as small as 700 microns (0.7 X 0.7 mm) is fractions of the second.

White Paper. Specular Refelection:

Sterile processing departments (SPD) are proud to have all stainless steel instruments clean and shiny on a daily basis. The problem comes down to the laser readers used to read the DataMatrix codes on surgical instruments. (Download full white paper)



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NuTrace R+

NuTrace R+ the fastest and safest 2D reader in the world.

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