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Stemato- Instrument Management Tool

Instrument Tracking Tech

Track and trace surgical instruments,inventory, plan for each operation room and manage all surgical instruments and sets easily

Today’s healthcare schedules are rendering quick turn around and slick teamwork is essential.
With this in mind, we have developed and integrated the fastest tracking system in the world. Build trays and track at the instrument
level around different campuses in a matter of seconds. Numerous reports are available as the instruments in cores unused that need to be re-process, and more, much more.
Stemato is not limited to tracking and tracing instruments in the SPD. Rather it supports the entire team working the OR and SPD.
Its ability to assist with planning, reporting, prioritizing and warning for potential hazardous contaminants makes Stemato the perfect player for the modern fast and competitive SPD team. Once NuTrace-Stemato is implemented and instruments are marked, the system will be ready for tracking.
Throughout the entire process, the location of a set is known at all times and information regarding the instruments can be requested. The entire process is guided by images and instructions that are necessary to execute all steps in a simple and quick manner.
The software registers the user's ID enabling accountability throughout the entire tracking process. More accountability means fewer errors.
Have it all for a fraction of the price. NuTrace-Stemato is here to support your SPD enterprise no the way around. With the expertise of SPD/OR professionals, we will implement a dynamic process which will increase the efficiency and accuracy of all sets, surgical instruments, endoscopes and operative endoscopes arriving "ON TIME" to procedure roomswhere they will be used in the daily schedule.
See Jessa case study.
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