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NuTrace, Branding your Sterile Production Unit

Branding is all around you.Look inside your hospital, you will see brands popping out around you, from the soap dispenser to the instrument you are holding right now in your hand, it is all about branding.

Branding is fundamental. Branding is basic. Branding is essential. Building brands adds incredible value for companies/corporations and within your hospital there is not much difference; you brand your SPD to your internal customers. Everything delivered to them (OR-ED-GI) has your name on it and of course your hospital's brand as well. How do they know these products come from you? Well, that blue wrap we see in every single OR, ED comes from your SPD and NuTrace is helping you not only to manage all your surgical instruments but to brand your Sterile Production Department inside your hospital.
Providing your internal customers with the ultimate tools to inform them the status of their instruments, giving a unique identification number to each instrument in the supply chain and putting your hospital’s logo on top of your trays lids so vendors know this is your brand and your property.
Because Sterile Processing plays the most important role inside the hospital we help you to maximize your productivity while minimizing waste and risk while you deliver the mostt valuable product they need…Sterile sets to perform surgery. Be part of the new NuTrace lean process “Sterile Production Unit” branding.

NuTrace small bar-code etch


NuTrace R+

NuTrace R+ the fastest and safest 2D reader in the world.

DataMatarix Surgical Instruments

If we cannot reach your hospital for marking your surgical instruments give us a call, we will set you up with our FedEx express service

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