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Surgical Instrument Tracking

The main risk of being misled about surgical instrument laser marking

History is something I love, because the more we learn from it, the more we understand the future.
In 1968 the Russians repeatedly told the American people “There is no way you will go to the moon, we have better technology and we haven’t even thought about it, there is no way you will achieve it”….The rest as we all know is history.

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VA Hospital Receives First NUX-20

We Are Ready to Laser Mark Surgical Instruments!

One of the most important task following the FDA UDI rule (Unique Device Identification) is the marking and retrofitting of each instrument inside the hospital's supply chain with a 2D DataMatrix code. This barcode is universal (It can be GS1 as well) and can be read by any barcode reader, as well by any tracking system available in the market.

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NuTrace Mobile Surgical Instrument Marking Unit

Surgical instruments laser marking on site. Laser marks with ZERO rust

We have been moving the laser unit around hospitals while running some tests and most importantly, perfecting the inside process for laser marking surgical instruments.

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Surgical Instruments Marking

Surgical instruments laser marking. Is is just simple science

Presenting the new NuTrace Fiber Laser exclusively designed for the SPD.

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Laser Tags for Surgical Tray Identification

Surgical laser tags for surgical instruments trays identification.

It is known that common labels applied to surgical trays won't last for long. The washer, sterilizer fades the ink out and make them pretty much
unreadable, at any moment when needed they won't read.

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The Science Behind Instrument Laser Marking.

Preparing sample on instrument for color analyze

When we first started studying the physics of lasers, wavelengths, metals etc, it took me back to my early days of high school chem lab where I learned the basics of metals, the periodic table (yes, one-by-one with atomic mass, atomic number and symbol names). I was surprised back then to learn that the only element that rusts in nature is iron (Fe).

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NuTrace Laser Marking. SPD+ Lean Process

Surgical Instrument Laser Marking brings you a great control of each single instrument in the supply chain

But please make not mistake, it is one of the most sensitive variables in the instrument tracking process.

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The Importance of Tracking at The Instrument Level

Tracking at instrument level shouldn't be painful

These days with the concerns over superbugs, prion diseases and other common issues related to instruments found in the operating room, instrument traceability is a must have. Tracking at the "Tray Level" really will not fix any of the problems above.

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SPD it is GEMBA time

I want to start this article with one fact, I love my "job" and if you ask me what it is that makes me love it so much; my answer would be only one word “Learning”.

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Surgical laser marks go wrong

Surgical laser marking-etching can be extremely complex

We received a call from an SPD manager asking us to fix some surgical laser marks done no long ago by an industrial laser provider.

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NuTrace R+

NuTrace R+ the fastest and safest 2D reader in the world.

DataMatarix Surgical Instruments

If we cannot reach your hospital for marking your surgical instruments give us a call, we will set you up with our FedEx express service

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