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Instrument Tracking and Laser Marking News

The main risk of being misled about surgical instrument laser marking

History is something I love, because the more we learn from it, the more we understand the future.
In 1968 the Russians repeatedly told the American people “There is no way you will go to the moon, we have better technology and we haven’t even thought about it, there is no way you will achieve it”….The rest as we all know is history.

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VA Hospital Receives First NUX-20

We Are Ready to Laser Mark Surgical Instruments!

One of the most important task following the FDA UDI rule (Unique Device Identification) is the marking and retrofitting of each instrument inside the hospital's supply chain with a 2D DataMatrix code. This barcode is universal (It can be GS1 as well) and can be read by any barcode reader, as well by any tracking system available in the market.

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NuTrace Mobile Surgical Instrument Marking Unit

Surgical instruments laser marking on site. Laser marks with ZERO rust

We have been moving the laser unit around hospitals while running some tests and most importantly, perfecting the inside process for laser marking surgical instruments.

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Surgical Instruments Marking

Surgical instruments laser marking. Is is just simple science

Presenting the new NuTrace Fiber Laser exclusively designed for the SPD.

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Laser Tags for Surgical Tray Identification

Surgical laser tags for surgical instruments trays identification.

It is known that common labels applied to surgical trays won't last for long. The washer, sterilizer fades the ink out and make them pretty much
unreadable, at any moment when needed they won't read.

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The Science Behind Instrument Laser Marking.

Preparing sample on instrument for color analyze

When we first started studying the physics of lasers, wavelengths, metals etc, it took me back to my early days of high school chem lab where I learned the basics of metals, the periodic table (yes, one-by-one with atomic mass, atomic number and symbol names). I was surprised back then to learn that the only element that rusts in nature is iron (Fe).

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NuTrace Laser Marking. SPD+ Lean Process

Surgical Instrument Laser Marking brings you a great control of each single instrument in the supply chain

But please make not mistake, it is one of the most sensitive variables in the instrument tracking process.

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The Importance of Tracking at The Instrument Level

Tracking at instrument level shouldn't be painful

These days with the concerns over superbugs, prion diseases and other common issues related to instruments found in the operating room, instrument traceability is a must have. Tracking at the "Tray Level" really will not fix any of the problems above.

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SPD it is GEMBA time

I want to start this article with one fact, I love my "job" and if you ask me what it is that makes me love it so much; my answer would be only one word “Learning”.

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Surgical laser marks go wrong

Surgical laser marking-etching can be extremely complex

We received a call from an SPD manager asking us to fix some surgical laser marks done no long ago by an industrial laser provider.

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NuTrace Surgical Instrument Laser Marking

Laser Marking a Nezhat Instrument Set

We received a Nezhat set from a customer as part of NuTrace Lean process implementation on site for FDA UDI.

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Instrument Laser Mark

Surgical Instrument Laser Marking, 800 Microns

We just broke our own record marking a surgical instrument (800 Microns 2D code on an irrigation needle).

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NuTrace IAHCSMM 2016 San Antonio TX

We want to thanks all visitor that came to our booth at IAHCSMM 2016 in San Antonio.

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NC IAHCSMM Chapter 2016 Meeting

Thanks to the North Carolina chapter for IAHCSMM for a great 2016 meeting.

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Have it all with NuTrace at minimum cost

If you are tracking at the tray level and are ready to track at the instrument level, this is your opportunity to have it all with NuTrace.

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The Importance Of Traceability

Patient sample Traceability

These days traceability is becoming a very important part of the daily healthcare schedule. When you need to look back in time to collect a patient's information, for any reason, you want to be sure everything is in one place. While also being quick and accessible for those who need it.

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NuTrace IAHCSMM 2016 booth 1226

We will have have everything you need to know about NuTrace and our Lean Process. Our booth (1226) will include info on the planning of surgical sets, see instruments on our arrival/departure display, our R+ reader which is the fastest 2D reader in the world, and our NuTrace fiber laser.

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NuTrace, Branding your Sterile Production Unit

Branding is all around you.Look inside your hospital, you will see brands popping out around you, from the soap dispenser to the instrument you are holding right now in your hand, it is all about branding.

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Surgical Instrument Laser Marking. Make Your Best Move.

Vitrectomy lens marked with fiber laser

Surgical instrument laser marking is the most efficient, easy,clean and affordable way to etch 2D barcodes on surgical instruments.

Here at NuTrace we have the technology and years of experience in DPM (Direct Part Marking) to not only provide you with state-of-the-art fiber laser technology. We seamlessly mark your own surgical instruments in-house.

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Surgical Instrument Laser Marking Technology

Unlimited possibilities for etching surgical instruments with laser

Placing a 2D barcode with laser technology on surgical instruments

Laser technology is not only clean and touch-free, but compared with other technologies, extremely efficient and has no limitations.

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The importance of OR/SPD Communication

Operation Room and Sterile Processing Department. Best Practices Managing Communication.

One of the most critical key elements for success in healthcare is communication and information management.

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Mobile Instrument Marking Unit

Mobile laser unit

The convenience of laser marking on site

Nutrace has an onsite laser marking unit available to our customers.

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The Difference Between Tracking Instruments and Inventory Management

The difference between tracking and inventory management are substantially different and seems to be a confusing topic in healthcare, especially within the instrument tracking world.

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Flag TSEs Inside NuTrace


In some patients undergoing neurosurgery, a CJD diagnosis that is not suspected before the procedure may be confirmed during or after neurosurgery.

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Tracking the Kerrisons

I had the pleasure of attending the North Carolina Sterile Processing meeting in Winston Salem, NC the first week of November.

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Surgical instrument laser etch

Surgical instrument laser mark

If you want to see the real benefit of surgical instrument laser etching

or container's lids laser marking, just contact us,

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TN-IAHCSMM meeting

We want to sincerely thank the Tennessee iahcsmm chapter for inviting us to their past meeting in Knoxville, TN.
We received great assistance and very positive comments from our total instrument tracking system.

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Hospital needing a small mark

We received some small instruments from a large facility in North Carolina asking us if we could place marks on them.

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Marking And Tracing Surgical Instruments

Welcome to NuTrace we will give you a peak of what we do in our marking lab.

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NuTrace 2D Reader APP Is Here

We are proud to announce the version 1.0 of our 2D reader IPhone app. With it, you will be able to read 2D DataMatrix codes directly to your IPhone.

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UDI Instrument Marking Laser

fiber laser for surgical instrument marking

NuTrace laser to mark surgical instruments is here UDI

We are happy to announce we are testing now our new NuTrace fiber laser, first laser in the world exclusively designed for the Sterile Processing Department to laser mark quickly and inexpensively surgical instruments .

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Nutrace, Belintra Market RFID-based Surgical-Tool Tracking Solution in the U.S.

The Nutrace system, already used by hospitals in Europe, includes Belintra's passive HF RFID tags, Panmobil's handheld RFID readers and its own Stemato software for managing data.

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Steri-ID RFID Integrated Tag

Our instrument trays with integrated Steri-ID are made in accordance with the same quality criteria as our standard Sterisystem instrument trays.

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NuTrace RFID/2D Datamatrix Reader

Presenting our new RFID/2D Datamatrix reader for the hospital used. Effortlessly write and read RFID tags, place them on your trays and forget replacing for the label on the tray.

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NuLaser Mark Your Surgical Instruments Effortlessly

Coming this Fall, the first tabletop class 1 fiber laser specifically designed to DataMatrix surgical instruments.

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Pictures Inside NuTrace Instrument Tracking

NuTrace is a powerful tool not only to track at the instrument level;  it can help the O.R plan the instruments to be used on patients & also helps the tech in the SPD identify and recognize every set, tray and instrument in their inventory.
More coming soon.

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Laser II Readers. The potential risk in SPD

Sterile processing departments (SPD) are proud to have all stainless steel clean,

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RFID Total Solution For Surgical Trays

Coming very soon inside NuTrace instrument tracking at no additional cost RFID tags to track your sets and trays among the datamatrix marked on the instruments.

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The art of laser surgical instruments

Coming soon a complete view of our process of instrument marking with fiber laser. "Marking surgical instruments is not complex, marking complex surgical instruments is our specialty"

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How heavy can instrument sets be?

AORN and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) recommend that instrument sets and trays prepared for sterilization not exceed 25 pounds. This weight limit includes the combined weight of the pan and the instruments.

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Surgical Instrument Marking. Electrolysis VS Laser Marking

If you are planning or starting the process of tracking at the instrument level

you want to continue reading.

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Make your scope traceable effortlessly

Tracking your Endoscope shouldn't be complex nor expensive. The picture above: Colonoscope 22 (Red coded) serial number 677763 ready for HLD (High Level Disinfection) sink 3, washer 28890.

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Endoscopy Tracking

We will make your scopes smarter and traceable, leading to an increase in quality care control.
NuTrace Endo, total solution for scope tracking coming soon to GI.

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When customers need small marks

Today's healthcare we want to trace and track every possible instrument without the need to place or glue any kind of foreign objects.

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NuLaser: The Easiest Way To DataMatrix Surgical instruments

Marking Surgical Instruments with NuLaser

YAG laser is a safe, fast and dynamic way to mark surgical instruments. 

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NuTrace at NCAHCSP

Thank you to the North Carolina Association for Hospital Central Service Professionals for allowing us to participate in their conference at Myrtle Beach, SC.


Gus and Joe Max setting up the software for presentation

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EMR and Tracking Instruments

At NuTrace, we see the SPD as a production line rather than another department in the hospital. Such movement of surgical instruments creates an immense amount of information, historicity and generated data. In order to optimally perform, the SPD must reign in such information to return each product to the specific client (instrument to patient).

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What is instrument tracking

What is instrument tracking?

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DataMatrix on surgical instruments

The picture above shows two different DataMatrix marks:

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2D DataMatrix on plastic instruments

With NuMark we have perfected a way to safely and easily....

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NuTag. Testing metal to metal medical grade glue

We ran the first test under autoclavable conditions to test the healthcare glue we will be using with the NuTags. Continuous cycles each 30 minutes long at 270 F to test consistency of the glue. Perfect bond!

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NuTrace R+ Reader inside SPD

NuTrace R+ DataMatrix reader

Evaluating our NuTrace™ R+ 2D reader in a major SPD department.

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NuTrace Instrument Tracking System

For us is not just track instruments, but bringing the communication

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NuTag, The easiest way to identify your surgical trays

If you need customized aluminum tags, don't look further NuTag is here.

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NuTrace R+. From the Scuderia to your SPD

Meet the fastest 2D DataMatrix reader in the world R+. No need to pay expensive handheld bar-codes.

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Surgical instruments marking techniques

We received a call from a medical facility asking us to assist them with DataMatrix on 10,000 of their instruments with the use of electrolysis.

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Track at the Instrument Level, Inexpensively

There so many techniques in the market today for DataMatrix marking (Dot pin, Electrolysis, Spray chemical with C02 etc).

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On your Mark

Iglesias element

The beginning of good surgical tracking starts with a very good DataMatrix mark, been sure can be read it by 2D readers.

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RFID vs Datamatrix

DataMatrix vs RFID

We will look the differences between RFID and DataMatrix.

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The bacteria growing in the DataMatrix mark

Bacteria growing on DataMatrix surgical instrument mark


Recent studies centered around instrument marking specifically etching systems have drawn red flags.

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NuTrace will bring Panasonic to your SPD

Panasonic Toughpad


Datamatrix, the art of a good mark

A Laminectomy punch marked with a Datamatrix.


Marking complex instruments

It is no secret that there are thousands of instruments with different materials, different uses,

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2D Datamatrix GS1 on site

Nutrace mobile unit

Coming soon our MEL unit (Mobile Etching Laser).


Datamatrix Instrument Marking

This blog will open pretty soon


Re-Passivation of Instruments After Etching

re-passivation of instruments

Coming soon, our natural formula for instrument passivation. The picture above shows two similar surgical instruments being tested with the same oxidants, the left was treated with our natural passivation formula the right one was not.


Nutrace R+ the fastest 2D reader in the world


The NuTrace R+ has been deemed the fastest 2D reader in the world. Created for the most demanding racing teams in Formula 1, the same speed and efficiency is now available for the Sterile Processing Department.

No matter if the code is 1mm X 1mm or .001mm X .001mm, if the instrument is shiny or opaque, our reader will always register in fractions of a second.


NuTrace R+

NuTrace R+ the fastest and safest 2D reader in the world.

DataMatarix Surgical Instruments

If we cannot reach your hospital for marking your surgical instruments give us a call, we will set you up with our FedEx express service

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