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Bacteria growing

The bacteria growing in the DataMatrix mark

Bacteria growing on DataMatrix surgical instrument mark


Recent studies centered around instrument marking specifically etching systems have drawn red flags.

The claim is that with the etching process, there is damage to the surface of the instrument, thus creating a place for microorganisms to grow. Let us clear the air.

Yes, it is true, bacteria will grow around the 2.7 mils .01 micron deep Data Matrix mark as it will grow everywhere else in the surgical instrument. Most textured instruments with complex holes, screws etc. make it a good home for bacteria. The smallest of microorganisms grow where ever there is not proper cleansing and sterilization. Therefore each instrument must be sterilized every time it goes to surgery. The question is not where the bacteria will grow, it is simply can the mark withhold an intense sterilization process. Most instrument marking systems such as taping or dipping last such a brief time due to this process.

However, the NuMark Data Matrix is permanent and purposefully created to hold true against the wear of the sterilization process. The bacteria will grow, the true question is whether your mark can withstand the heat.


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