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etching surgical instruments

The main risk of being misled about surgical instrument laser marking

History is something I love, because the more we learn from it, the more we understand the future.
In 1968 the Russians repeatedly told the American people “There is no way you will go to the moon, we have better technology and we haven’t even thought about it, there is no way you will achieve it”….The rest as we all know is history.

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Surgical Instruments Marking

Surgical instruments laser marking. Is is just simple science

Presenting the new NuTrace Fiber Laser exclusively designed for the SPD.

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Surgical laser marks go wrong

Surgical laser marking-etching can be extremely complex

We received a call from an SPD manager asking us to fix some surgical laser marks done no long ago by an industrial laser provider.

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Surgical instrument laser etch

Surgical instrument laser mark

If you want to see the real benefit of surgical instrument laser etching

or container's lids laser marking, just contact us,

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Surgical Instrument Marking. Electrolysis VS Laser Marking

If you are planning or starting the process of tracking at the instrument level

you want to continue reading.

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NuTrace R+

NuTrace R+ the fastest and safest 2D reader in the world.

DataMatarix Surgical Instruments

If we cannot reach your hospital for marking your surgical instruments give us a call, we will set you up with our FedEx express service

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