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Surgical Instruments Marking

Surgical instruments laser marking. Is is just simple science

Presenting the new NuTrace Fiber Laser exclusively designed for the SPD.

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NuTrace Laser Marking. SPD+ Lean Process

Surgical Instrument Laser Marking brings you a great control of each single instrument in the supply chain

But please make not mistake, it is one of the most sensitive variables in the instrument tracking process.

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Surgical laser marks go wrong

Surgical laser marking-etching can be extremely complex

We received a call from an SPD manager asking us to fix some surgical laser marks done no long ago by an industrial laser provider.

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Surgical Instrument Laser Marking. Make Your Best Move.

Vitrectomy lens marked with fiber laser

Surgical instrument laser marking is the most efficient, easy,clean and affordable way to etch 2D barcodes on surgical instruments.

Here at NuTrace we have the technology and years of experience in DPM (Direct Part Marking) to not only provide you with state-of-the-art fiber laser technology. We seamlessly mark your own surgical instruments in-house.

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Surgical Instrument Laser Marking Technology

Unlimited possibilities for etching surgical instruments with laser

Placing a 2D barcode with laser technology on surgical instruments

Laser technology is not only clean and touch-free, but compared with other technologies, extremely efficient and has no limitations.

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Hospital needing a small mark

We received some small instruments from a large facility in North Carolina asking us if we could place marks on them.

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UDI Instrument Marking Laser

fiber laser for surgical instrument marking

NuTrace laser to mark surgical instruments is here UDI

We are happy to announce we are testing now our new NuTrace fiber laser, first laser in the world exclusively designed for the Sterile Processing Department to laser mark quickly and inexpensively surgical instruments .

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On your Mark

Iglesias element

The beginning of good surgical tracking starts with a very good DataMatrix mark, been sure can be read it by 2D readers.

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NuTrace R+

NuTrace R+ the fastest and safest 2D reader in the world.

DataMatarix Surgical Instruments

If we cannot reach your hospital for marking your surgical instruments give us a call, we will set you up with our FedEx express service

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